Friends of Wonderful Healing – Cathy-Faye is continually striving to improve the therapy she offers to her clients and is at present studying hypnosis and completing her Doctorate in Meridan Psychology as well as continuing to offer Massage, Sports Massage will also be on the list of treatments, as will a number of beauty treatments including waxing, for outer as well as inner beauty. At Wonderful Healing we are honoured to have a number of talented and trusted friends and colleagues who are also able to offer alternative therapies and treatments, please see the links below:

Newmarchfit – Heather Newmarch and I worked in collaboration at her previous franchised gym Curves in Braintree, Heather now has her own Studio Gym in Bocking for one to one Personal Training and small groups of Ladies for 30 minute or 1 hour fitness sessions, advice on fitness and health/weight management.

Lovebug – Nicky Wicker, offers her fabulous organic creams, soaps and facial masks, Nicky also offers non-surgical facelifts and works as a Counsellor at ITS in Braintree.

Bernadette McCauley – an excellent Healer and skilled in Kinesiology and other hands on healing, Bernadette lives in Rayne.

Angela Jones – if you wonder what the future holds & have a belief an interest in Mediumship, Angela is a fabulous intuit, talented in both Mediumship and card readings.

Thinking of training in Alternative Therapies? The Association Of Natural Medicine run a myriad of courses throughout Essex.

NES Health
NES Health
Upledger Institute
Association of Natural Medicine
Association of Natural Medicine