So how does Therapy help? How does it work? Co-operation, openness, collaboration between therapist & client with a basic trust that the body heals itself, along with a commitment from the client for their own well-being, plus patience – I think there is a reason Doctors call their clients patients, after years of ignoring the bodies ever increasing signals of dis-ease and imbalance we expect to go along, collect a magic pill and reverse layers upon layers and years upon years of ig-norance of our bodies communications, that subtle changes are required in our lifestyles, our relationships, with ourselves & others, our jobs, or even more simply our approach & reaction to everyday events & everyone around us.

Healing touch – with the right intention on the part of both Therapist & Patient, in whichever disciplined banner it falls under and is used, helps in making sure that the blood flows more effectively. The healing has also been scientifically reported to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood by up to 15%, the resulting feeling of calm, allows the muscles to relax & deeper breathing will naturally take place. The calm relaxed feeling will help patients who are depressed or have anxiety. Once the body is relaxed the patient /client is more able to make both the physical and mental releases and adjustments to allow all the systems of the body to realign and flow as they were originally designed. Researchers believe that one of the major reasons why cells become malignant or cancerous is because of lack of oxygen.

In many NHS hospitals massage & other traditional therapies are being performed with cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy to aid the recovery process. Although healing & massage are about touching the skin & affect the muscles directly under it, it is understood that the lower layer muscles would also receive indirect benefit from it.

In Cranio Sacral Therapy the therapist goes even deeper to the fascia (inter-connective tissue or world-wide web of the body) itself. These forms of therapy are used to induce general relaxation, found effective in treating illnesses like high blood pressure (the release of the carotid artery which sometimes sticks can be greatly relieved and normalised through CST.

Psychologically, the re-assurance of being touched and stroked offers the sense of being cared for. The physical contact offers a non-verbal form of communication & can induce a feeling of calmness, serenity & unity. Of course there are occasions when physical touch isn’t appreciated or appropriate, those with heightened sensitivity to touch, for example some clients who have certain Autistic symptoms, or those who have physically suffered through injury or abuse, may find energy work, such as Reiki and Meridan Psychology or Transformative Coaching a more appropriate Therapy.

If you are willing to be well and I suspect as you have found your way to this website, you are, I look forward to hearing from you and being a part of your journey into Wonderful Healing and the well-being you want to experience. If you have a particular complaint you would like help with call Cathy for a brief telephone consultation.