If the body is able to heal itself, what prevents it from doing so?

Sometimes the journey into the emotions may feel too uncomfortable, or scary to allow us to delve into what is really going on in our lives & relieve (relive) the cause of the dis-ease. That is why Cathy is there to help you to feel safe through your journey.

It is important you feel comfortable, relaxed & at ease with your chosen Therapist. Cathy has been fortunate to have some of the best teachers around the world, from those who are lecturers & equally, if not more valuable, her clients, their trust in Cathy ‘holding’ them through their journey has brought about the most amazing healing & even surpassing previous states of well-being for the patient.

The mind will only allow you to heal within your conscious limits. Hands on Healing – (Chiropractic) to put it simply – if you have a pain in your body, your instinct is to put your hand on, it caress or hold or rub the area, why if it didn’t give some comfort or healing? If you see someone fall & hurt themselves the empathetic carer will instinctively go & physically connect in some way with them & the area they have hurt, sometimes if the fall has caused them to feel emotional through embarrassment or fear, calming & reassuring works will make them ‘feel better’

In its simplest terms this is hand on healing, we have all seen it or experienced healing at work. As our lives progress & become more susceptible to increased pressure on our time & energy we rarely allow ourselves the healing time, our ancestors would have had, staring into the fire and connecting with the flow of the natural order of things around them. Honestly, how often do you give yourself an hour of time, just for you, without some negative emotion attached to it, like guilt – or ‘I really should be…’ this is when the body feels unheard and the mind begins to ‘shout’ through the body?

We need time to be heard, appreciated, remember who we are. When the mind feels heard it begins to heal the body, how many times have you had raging tooth ache then sat in the Dentists waiting room to find the pain has disappeared? The body felt heard – but we have the tooth filled anyway! For those who require a more scientific answer, the fact that a change in pressure & temperature are sensed on the body where the area of impact and trauma has occurred, this will trigger a number of chemical reactions instigated in and from the brain, the application of pressure or heat and the exchange of energy encourages white blood cells or leukocytes to the area. Leukocytes are cells of the immune system which defend the body against infection, disease & foreign materials. The reassurance of another will be acknowledged in the brain, signals will then be sent to the adrenals and other ‘fight or flight’ stimuli in the body, reducing the heart rate, flooding the body with calming endorphins and allowing a feeling of well-being to return.

So if you are ready to be heard and heal your body, Cathy looks forward to hearing from you.