The question I get asked most often is – what is ‘healing’, how does it work with Cranio Sacral Therapy or Reiki or Massage or any of the traditional therapies? Do they really work?

In my experience the answer is yes, with the willingness & commitment of both patient & therapist. After all healing comes from within. When we cut our finger, we rarely question if it is going to heal, we know what has caused it, we occasionally chastise ourselves for the cause of it, usually we clean it, maybe bandage it, hold it for a moment to relieve the pain, then just KNOW that healing will take place.

When we take the same approach to any aliment or set of symptoms causing disease we bring about the healing process naturally available to us in our body and mind. Cathy incorporates a number of techniques in her sessions, from Louise L Hay and NLP for the mind, Reiki, Astrology and card readings for the spirit, and a Unique blend of Cranio Sacral Therapy and Reiki.

Collaborative Healing

Alone we can feel lost and scared Even with help it can sometime be an up hill struggle Together we can step out with confidence In order to bring about healing, when it is not as obvious what has caused it or maybe not visible to our naked eye, it is easy to get caught into a spiral of fear & uncertainty, especially when long medical & sinister sounding names are attached to those symptoms.

Those feelings cause us to doubt the body’s ability to just heal itself & there is a tendency to draw to us all the negative experiences others may have had with similar diagnosis. Once the mystery of what is causing the symptoms of the dis-ease has been discovered the fear dissipates, we stop giving thought & energy to the negative connotations associated with the symptoms & we begin to feel better, the symptoms become less ‘Chronic’ & more positive experiences come into our awareness. With a little time & some therapeutic external reassurance, the body rebalances & wellbeing is restored. The question is ‘are you willing to be well?’.

Consider for a moment your how body created its entire physical being from the splitting of two cells, it stands to reason we can bring about healing on even one small part of that body, doesn’t it? The body and mind, when given the time, space and self-care can cleanse, balance and re-align itself to a subtle energy level, called homeostasis in the physical body. Once this energy or life force is flowing again then healing has taken place. As you are reading this you are making the first steps to well-being and I look forward to being a part of your journey into Wonderful Healing and the life you want to experience.