Doing the Best You Can

Try not to expect perfection when starting out on a spiritual path or attaining inner peace.

It isn’t always easy to meet the expectations we hold ourselves to. We may find ourselves in a situation such as just finishing a relaxing yoga class or meditation retreat, a serene session of deep breathing, or listening to some calming, soul-stirring music, yet we have difficulty retaining our sense of peace. A long line at the store, slow-moving traffic, or another stressful situation can unnerve you and leave you wondering why the tranquility and spiritual equilibrium you cultivate is so quick to dissipate in the face of certain stressors. This is especially true if you have an injury, which remains unsealed, the emotional component in the fascia, can trigger certain pain responses, and or emotional outbursts, which seem completely disproportionate to the situation, but are understandable when the body feels, unheard, unheard, vulnerable to further or sustained pain or attack. This in itself my prevent healing.

You may feel guilty and angry at yourself or even feel like a hypocrite for not being able to maintain control after practicing being centered. However, being patient with yourself will help you more in your soul’s journey than frustration at your perceived lack of progress. Doing the best you can in your quest for spiritual growth is vastly more important than striving for perfection. 

Just because you are devoted to following a spiritual path, attaining inner peace, or living a specific ideology doesn’t mean you should expect to achieve perfection. When you approach your personal evolution mindfully, you can experience intense emotions such as anger without feeling that you have somehow failed. Simply by being aware of what you are experiencing and recognizing that your feelings are temporary, you have begun taking the necessary steps to regaining your internal balance. Accepting that difficult situations will arise from time to time and treating your reaction to them as if they are passing events rather than a part of who you are can help you move past them. Practicing this form of acceptance and paying attention to your reactions in order to learn from them will make it easier for you to return to your center more quickly in the future. 

Since your experiences won’t be similar to others’ and your behavior will be shaped by those experiences, you may never stop reacting strongly to the challenging situations you encounter. Even if you are able to do nothing more than acknowledge what you are feeling and that there is little you can do to affect your current circumstances, in time you’ll alter your reaction to such circumstances. You can learn gradually to let negative thoughts come into your mind, recognize them, and then let them go. You may never reach a place of perfect peace, but you’ll find serenity in having done your best. Love you.

Finding your spiritual path

I’m broken

Thank you -John Roedel, this seems to be a collective wondering, whoever you believe your creator is.

Me: Hello God.
God: Hello…
Me: I’m falling apart. Can you put me back together?
God: I’d rather not.
Me: Why?
God: Because you’re not a puzzle.
Me: What about all the pieces of my life that fall to the ground?
God: Leave them there for a while. They fell for a reason. Let them be there for a while and then decide if you need to take any of those pieces back.
Me: You don’t understand! I’m breaking!
God: No, you don’t understand. You’re transcending, evolving.
What you feel are growing pains. You’re getting rid of the things and people in your life that are holding you back. The pieces are not falling down. The pieces are being put in place. Relax. Take a DEEP BREATH and let those things you no longer need fall down. Stop clinging to pieces that are no longer for you. Let them fall. Let them go.
Me: Once I start doing that, what will I have left?
God: Only the best pieces of yourself.
Me: I’m afraid to change.
God: I keep telling you: YOU’RE NOT CHANGING! YOU’RE BECOMING!
Me: Becoming, Who?
God: Becoming who I created you to be! A person of light, love, clarity, hope, courage, joy, mercy, grace and compassion. I made you for so much more than those shallow pieces you decided to adorn yourself with and that you cling to with so much fear. Let those things fall off you. I love you! Don’t change! Become! Become who I want you to be, who I created. I’m gonna keep telling you this until you remember.
Me: There goes another piece.
God: Yes. Let it be like this.
Me: So… I’m not broken?
God: No, but you’re breaking the darkness, like dawn. It’s a new day. Become!! Become who you really are!!

When the tears won’t stop.

Pooh woke up that morning, and, for reasons that he didn’t entirely understand, couldn’t stop the tears from coming. He sat there in bed, his little body shaking, and he cried, and cried, and cried.

Amidst his sobs, the phone rang.

It was Piglet.

“Oh Piglet,” said Pooh, between sobs, in response to his friend’s gentle enquiry as to how he was doing. “I just feel so Sad. So, so, Sad, almost like I might not ever be happy again. And I know that I shouldn’t be feeling like this. I know there are so many people who have it worse off than me, and so I really have no right to be crying, with my lovely house, and my lovely garden, and the lovely woods all around me. But oh, Piglet: I am just SO Sad.”

Piglet was silent for a while, as Pooh’s ragged sobbing filled the space between them. Then, as the sobs turned to gasps, he said, kindly: “You know, it isn’t a competition.”

“What isn’t a competition?” asked a confused sounding Pooh.

“Sadness. Fear. Grief,” said Piglet. “It’s a mistake we often make, all of us. To think that, because there are people who are worse off than us, that that somehow invalidates how we are feeling. But that simply isn’t true. You have as much right to feel unhappy as the next person; and, Pooh – and this is the really important bit – you also have just as much right to get the help that you need.”

“Help? What help?” asked Pooh. “I don’t need help, Piglet.

“Do I?”

Pooh and Piglet talked for a long time, and Piglet suggested to Pooh some people that he might be able to call to talk to, because when you are feeling Sad, one of the most important things is not to let all of the Sad become trapped inside you, but instead to make sure that you have someone who can help you, who can talk through with you how the Sad is making you feeling, and some of the things that might be able to be done to support you with that.

What’s more, Piglet reminded Pooh that this support is there for absolutely everyone, that there isn’t a minimum level of Sad that you have to be feeling before you qualify to speak to someone.

Finally, Piglet asked Pooh to open his window and look up at the sky, and Pooh did so.

“You see that sky?” Piglet asked his friend. “Do you see the blues and the golds and that big fluffy cloud that looks like a sheep eating a carrot?”

Pooh looked, and he could indeed see the blues and the golds and the big fluffy cloud that looked like a sheep eating a carrot.

“You and I,” continued Piglet, “we are both under that same sky. And so, whenever the Sad comes, I want you to look up at that sky, and know that, however far apart we might be physically…we are also, at the same time, together. Perhaps, more together than we have ever been before.”

“Do you think this will ever end?” asked Pooh in a small voice.

“This too shall pass,” confirmed Piglet. “And I promise you, one day, you and I shall once again sit together, close enough to touch, sharing a little smackerel of something…under that blue gold sky.”

We all need a piglet in our lives.

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This was originally written by a blogger called I Know I Need to Stop Talking.

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The Hermit – Quiet Time

Today’s Affirmation:
“I will sit by myself and go into a place of stillness and calmness so I can listen to my inner voice. I will trust my intuition to divinely guide me on my path from this place of solitude.”
If you’re feeling a pull to spend some time by yourself, NOW is the time to listen! The Hermit card showed up today to say, “it’s time for you to hear yourself think.”

When we are surrounded by others with noise and distractions, it’s hard to hear yourself think, but spending time alone is a space for creation and wisdom.

The Hermit is a symbol of a wise master atop a mountain, standing alone. This card is a symbol of inner guidance, intuition, introspection, soul-searching, and self-discovery.
Thank you to Sharne Van Der Burgh for the beautiful White Witch tarot cards.

Distractions tend to fill our every minute. And without taking the time to go within, we can get lost in all the noise.

The Hermit card shows up when it’s time to get quiet.

The Universe is reminding you that you have wealth of wisdom within that is usually a still small voice more than it is a loud booming one.

This is a time to reflect on your wisdom so you can use it to help others.

It’s easy to get sidetracked with so many voices in the world, but this is the time for you to hear your own voice. And to reach into your vast knowledge to see what wisdom lies beneath.

When starting a book or an article, maybe go into a quiet space and listen for the wisdom of the soul to see what wants to come forth.

Creating your own sacred, quiet space, even if just a few minutes a day, is what The Hermit is suggesting *nd this will give you a chance to reconnect to your divine guiding light.

Write down whatever comes up as you ask The Hermit for his innate, divine wisdom in your life.

To your inner path. Wishing you a fruitful weekend.

What to expect this Libra Season 2020

Every month, there is a new Astrological season and Libra could be one of the best ones there is this year. 

Libra season starts September 23, 2020, and ends October 22, 2020.

It will be all about balance, diplomacy, and your social life. 

The work-life balance you want to achieve so badly these past few months will be doable during this season!

Libra’s energy would impact your relationships as well as ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE.

Now is the time when the wheel stops turning, where it’s in perfect balance, and “perfectly stable”.

Here’s what else you should expect during Libra season:

1. You’ll be ready to be sociable again, the social butterfly in you will emerge

Whether it’s through a virtual meeting or an actual one, you will be ready to face people again. 

However, please do it with caution! 

If you’ve been staying at home wearing sweatpants in the last couple of months, now you want to get out there and wear your favorite outfit and just look awesome.

2. Being sociable won’t hinder you from acing your tasks at work!

Since Libra is all about balance, you don’t have to sink your teeth into a pile of work to get noticed and succeed professionally. 

You will have this newfound clarity that was never there before. You used to be cramming and dreaded multi-tasking but now it would be like a walk in the park.

3. Venus rules Libra which corresponds to the Yang side of Venus directing outwards, on your outer exterior

This means that during Libra season, you should be watchful of how you make yourself feel as well as how you make others feel with your presence.

Which includes not being too hard on yourself and others. You should alway keep in mind how far you have come.

4. Your artistic flair will emerge

Mars goes retrograde this Libra season and it will inspire you to create art, buy art and do something eccentric.

Don’t be shocked if you get hooked on artisan handsoaps, resin art, and you might even consider buying your first painting. Whatever it is, listen to your inner self and explore your hidden love for art.

Those under Libra signs and Aries signs will feel these influences the strongest. 

There is only one downside with the Libra season. It could cause a rift in your love life.

Since it’s a reflective season, this energy will promote doubt and confusion.

It will make you wonder if you’re with the right person or why you’re still single. 

Don’t let crazy thoughts and doubt creep in. 

Once you entertain these ideas, it could cause a problem that wasn’t even there in the first place.

When in doubt, be in silence and tap into your highest self