Every month, there is a new Astrological season and Libra could be one of the best ones there is this year. 

Libra season starts September 23, 2020, and ends October 22, 2020.

It will be all about balance, diplomacy, and your social life. 

The work-life balance you want to achieve so badly these past few months will be doable during this season!

Libra’s energy would impact your relationships as well as ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE.

Now is the time when the wheel stops turning, where it’s in perfect balance, and “perfectly stable”.

Here’s what else you should expect during Libra season:

1. You’ll be ready to be sociable again, the social butterfly in you will emerge

Whether it’s through a virtual meeting or an actual one, you will be ready to face people again. 

However, please do it with caution! 

If you’ve been staying at home wearing sweatpants in the last couple of months, now you want to get out there and wear your favorite outfit and just look awesome.

2. Being sociable won’t hinder you from acing your tasks at work!

Since Libra is all about balance, you don’t have to sink your teeth into a pile of work to get noticed and succeed professionally. 

You will have this newfound clarity that was never there before. You used to be cramming and dreaded multi-tasking but now it would be like a walk in the park.

3. Venus rules Libra which corresponds to the Yang side of Venus directing outwards, on your outer exterior

This means that during Libra season, you should be watchful of how you make yourself feel as well as how you make others feel with your presence.

Which includes not being too hard on yourself and others. You should alway keep in mind how far you have come.

4. Your artistic flair will emerge

Mars goes retrograde this Libra season and it will inspire you to create art, buy art and do something eccentric.

Don’t be shocked if you get hooked on artisan handsoaps, resin art, and you might even consider buying your first painting. Whatever it is, listen to your inner self and explore your hidden love for art.

Those under Libra signs and Aries signs will feel these influences the strongest. 

There is only one downside with the Libra season. It could cause a rift in your love life.

Since it’s a reflective season, this energy will promote doubt and confusion.

It will make you wonder if you’re with the right person or why you’re still single. 

Don’t let crazy thoughts and doubt creep in. 

Once you entertain these ideas, it could cause a problem that wasn’t even there in the first place.

When in doubt, be in silence and tap into your highest self

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