You are special…making time for yourself can be challenging but at Wonderful Healing
Cathy is available to help by providing you with a complete environment of rest
and relaxation, to soothe, revitalise and transform you to well-being.

My first question may seem a strange one…are you are willing to be well? If you are sick of being sick, and think you have tried everything, think again. If you are ready to be in the best of health for you & for those around you who have been affected by dis-ease, please read on.

Being in pain or discomfort is NOT a natural way of being. Our minds & brain tell us through our senses exactly what is happening in our world and our environment, so when something isn’t working correctly the signs are there and they will get more obvious to ensure we understand them and deal them. These signs can be anything from the odd annoying twinge, a difficulty in concentrating, dreams that are difficult to shake off or seemingly incomprehensible, through to depression, and long term debilitating even life constricting illness.

Wonderful Healing provides collaborative healing, utilising a multiplicity of therapies, in which Cathy has studied, trained, practiced and worked throughout the world, with some incredible life changing results for those with whom she has worked.